Maze Runner: Death Cure

ImageIn this movie a plague kills most of the adults leaving the children largely untouched.  But if you scare a kid you can milk him for a cure that is totally not adrenochrome.

They always have to tell you what they are doing.

The first film in the series was an interesting little bottle film.  A bunch of kids dropped into a small glade at the center of a massive labyrinth.  They get food and water, but otherwise have to fend for themselves.  The doors into the maze open for eight hours every day, which leads to a society where ‘the runners’ get better food because only they have the stamina to run fast enough to solve the puzzle.

The mystery of who is doing this and why has a pretty dull solution.

Stop here for spoiler avoidance.

Yeah, spoilers for a decade old film.

I am kind.

The big reveal is that it’s all an experiment run by a corporation called WCKD which they pronounce as you’d expect.  The second film is a zombie flick with touches of Mad Max, and this third film is a boring dystopian novel with mildly interesting action set pieces, the obligatory stronk wahmenz, and lots of people carrying the idiot ball.

No link, no good, give it a pass.