Back to the Grindstone: A New Joyous Season

Today resumes broadcast of the best miniature wargaming channel on YouTube.  The Joy of Wargaming ends the long dark drought with a preview of what’s to come in 2022.  A few new wrinkles have been added to the lineup, but you can expect a host of games new and old, and plenty of analysis of those game in specific and the hobby in general.  We start the season off with the 301st episode – not counting livestreams! – which you can find by clicking right


And for those few viewers who swing by the blogging homestead, how about a nice little preview of the first game of the season.  A deadly cult attempts to conduct ungodly researches on consecrated ground, and when the call goes out, the local Baron and his trusty men rally to the defense of the simple town of Simpleton.