Modron Problems

*be me
*sit down to log on to modern technology
>That is not your password.  Would you like to reset it?
Not really, but ok.
*gets text, enters code, enters old password*
>You cannot use your old password.
Fine, here is a whole new one.
Great! Now you can sign in!
*enters same password*
>Your password is wrong. Would you like to reset it?

43 Meme Faces Rage Comics To Finally Explain You What They All Mean

No, I’m done now.  I didn’t really want to give you any of my money anyway.

I don’t understand what sort of game these companies are playing.  There was a time when they were focused on making things easier for the end-user.  You Zoomers might not believe that, but it’s true.  Tech companies used to work very hard to make it as easy for the customer to give them money as possible.  These days they have more important things to worry.  Their real clients, and that ain’t you.