Hey There, Big Guys!

I don’t often do posts showing the before, during, and after. These three figures took so little time, but I had the attention span and the memory to do so.  You you might want to paint yourself up some of these figures from the Demonworld lineup, available from Ral Partha Europe.

The giant and ogres got pale flash and mustard yellow base respectively. Hit them with a flesh tone wash, and they look pretty good.

The ogres are supposed to match the skin tone of their brothers, but more on that in a moment. For now, let’s look at the troll.

For Mr. Green Loves Matter there, I started by blocking his skin with a pale green, then covering that with a flush wash. The results were very flat. So I hit him with a green wash, and then dry brushed pale flesh on top of that.  It gives him a sickly greenish cast without going full zombie flesh.

Now let’s look at the two new ogres.  The one in the middle, below, is an ogre that I painted years ago. Even using him as a reference, their skin tones are slightly off.

Fortunately, the castings match, and the tone is close enough for wargame purposes.


And lest we forget, here’s a comparison shot of the giant compared to a normal 15 mm figure, to show you exactly how big these beasts are.

Now we can find out if an Elite Foot army in Dragon Rampant is as overpowered as they are in Xenos Rampant.