Kid’s Stuff Threedux

A good friend bailed me out of some personal drama (loaned me a spare car when my transmission went ker-chunk). Our kids are both into 40K, and after a recent battle, a couple of his terrain pieces wound up in our box.  As a partial thanks for the loaner, I spent an evening sprucing up his son’s Imperial Bunker.  It started as a flimsy cut-out glued together scrap of printed cardstock. It wouldn’t sit straight and tended to blow over in the slightest breeze.

First step was reinforcing the building with foamcore, followed by mounting on a decent base.  Hopefully, this is a pleasant surprise:



The individual steps for this mini-project took a few minutes each, so I was able to work on this while finishing off the outdoor terrain for 10mm skirmishes.  Pictures of the base tiles will be up tomorrow.

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