Dungeon Glamershots

Now that we’re elbow deep int the 10mm dungeon project, I thought it might be nice to step back and take a look at the table in all it’s glory.  These are composed glamer shots in the true meaning of the word glamer – this is the illusion of a game.

Technically this isn’t a table shot – it’s an oventop shot.
That’s where the best lighting in the house is – even get some nice indirect
back lighting off the control panel.

Our heroes listen for trouble on the other side of a heavy door.

Orc ambush!

The guardsorcs step from their alcoves.

Sir Bigsword charges ahead while El Wizardo deals with a flanking maneuver.

Moving quickly to stop the eldritch ritual.

A view from the bully(‘s) pulpit.
As always, click on the pictures for a bigger image.
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