Work In Progress: Leman Russ

Spent the Easter weekend working on another addition to my son’s Imperial Guard unit.  This main battle tank costs upwards of fifty bucks in the store, but you can cobble your own together with a bit foamcore, a little plasticard, and a lot of patience.  This is the result of one evening’s work:

One more evening gives me more detail and some side sponsons:

It still needs a pantload of rivets and a decent paintjob to spiff it up, but I’m really pleased with the way it turned out.  Once finished, it’ll look great on the table.

I have no idea whether this model is street legal or not.  The boy only has the sixty dollar hard cover main rule book, so he doesn’t have all the rules needed to play.  He’s got a lot of nice photos, but none of the point costs to build a legal force or even know what weapons are legal for his force.  As much fun as it was to build this tank, it’s a great reminder of why Games Workshop games never really grabbed me the way so many small press games do.