These Orcs Aren’t Going to Kill Themselves

I’d have a lot more stuff to post if this horrible, horrible time sink didn’t steal all my time:

Of course, I’m not guiding this smug bastard through normal Nightmare difficulty, oh no.  That’s for chumps.  I’m playing the game on double secret Nightmare.  That’s where you play a game designed for a modern TV on a fifteen year old CRT TV so that half the information that you need like cash reserves and threat maps and such are just vague and unreadable smears of color.

Not knowing how much money your dude has to spend or where the mobs of orcs are headed makes a huge difference in the difficulty of the game.  Of course, I know how much money I have.  None.  That’s why I don’t have a TV that works with this addictive game.

Tomorrow:  More painted Pendraken figures.