Heavy Marine Support

This is Pendraken’s new style for Marines with Heavy Weapons (SF3).  Those assistants might make decent noncoms or other officers.  Might have to assign a couple of regular troops to serve as assistant gunners are re-position these pointers as LTs.

Snipers!  This pack comes with five teams of snipers, but two will suffice for this force.  The other sets will be put to good use backing up another force.

About those armored marines; I painted the visors greenish, and gave their shoulder pads bright logos to help players discriminate between these guys and the regular troops.

Played another warm-up game of Tomorrow’s War this past weekend.  I think I have a decent enough grasp of the rules and enough figures to put together a platoon sized force list.  It might be light on the anti-tank stuff, but that won’t be a problem until I order up some tanks.