The Most Wonderful Time of The Year (Is Over)

Of course the title of today’s post is referring to college football season (and the reason for my recent silence).  January 1 really needs to be rechristened as the Feast of Saint Football.  Congratulations to Alabama – it’s nice to have a legitimate national champion again. Sad as it is to know that we are now eight months away from the next college football game, at least it frees up a little more time for wargaming.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even be able to squeeze in a game or two before the next kickoff.

Two minor updates today:

I did add drums to the cargo bay.  Poking around the hardware store, I found small plastic spacers in the hardware aisle with the bolts and screws and whatnot.  They are the perfect size and shape for drums, they just needed a small hole-punch sized lid and a few painted on labels to complete the look.  

Drums added to the cargo bay add a little more
clutter and flavor to the room.
The kitchen is now furnished.  The paint job on those cabinets is pretty weak, but the table turned out okay.  That’s a pretty hefty table without a lot of legroom, but it should stand up to the rigors of play.  The chairs might not do so well, though.  They are constructed of bits of cereal box cardboard glued to small wooden pegs.  You can buy those pegs at the hardware store for a couple of cents each – they are designed to plug the holes left by screws when you build furniture, but they are great little bits with all sorts of uses.  These are the same bits I used to build the pots for the plants.

A nice comfortable place to rest your head while the
chestburster alien-baby claws its way out of your belly.