The Cargo Bay

This cargo bay is off to a good start.  As it stands, it’s kind of like a rock band – it’s just not complete without any drums.  It looks a little sparse, but I don’t want to take up too much valuable gaming real-estate, so once I block a few more firing lanes with drums and barrels, we’ll call it a day.  As it stands, the crates give the impression of a crowded warehouse with twisty aisles, and that’s enough for now.  
Couple of other points to consider.  This room features about the only dead-end in the entire ship down there in the lower right corner of the shot.  The tallest crates are nearest the vent, so that’s probably where you’ve got to climb to get into that one and where you appear when you climb out.

The crates are made out of balsa wood and cardstock, painted up with stamps and labels.  The futuristic skids and pallets are obviously just hex-bases covered with cardstock and painted black.

By the way, Happy New Year if you’re into that sort of thing.