The Emperor Protects (painted figures more than unpainted ones)

My son received a few more Imperial Guardsmen from a friend this Christmas.  He knows that if he plays a game with them sans paint, that his old man will feel such overwhelming shame that he’ll take the dang things and paint them for him.  He did it to me again when he took the new 40k rules for a test drive on New Year’s Eve.  Within 10 hours, I had primer on these guys.

Again, that’s his preferred paint scheme, and to be honest I just painted these up as fast as I could and still get table-top quality results.  This is hardly my best work, but it beats bare plastic, and it looks fine on the table.  The other consideration is that the boy will field upwards of fifty to sixty of these guys at a time.  For sheer spectacle, he takes the side of quantity over quality.

Anywho, six painted little mans for my little man – Merry Christmas, kiddo.

It took me about roughly 3 hours to paint the three of these guys, which is about half the time a quality job would take.  These guys are the other reason that progress slowed down over the break.  In 3 hours, you can paint a dozen 15mm figures and still have time left over to build some terrain.  Speaking of which, wait until you see the new medical bench that’s just about ready for the big spaceship…