New Year’s Party

Day late and a gold coin short, here’s a shot of the full lineup of the party standing between Faerun and a so-far vaguely draconic but unspecified threat.
Karran, Gilgamesh, Aramis, Henry, and Grim

On the one hand, if the fate of the Realms lies in the hands of these bozos, Faerun is in big trouble.  On the other hand, all of Faerunian history indicates that a number of Mary Sues, Blackstaves, and Elminsters will be there to pick up the pieces if they fail…so it’s all good.

[Late edit:  These figures are all from Reaper.  Here are the names and SKU numbers from left to right: Golanth the Half Dragon Warrior (3463), Elnith the Astral Reaver Monk (03540), Templar Knight* (2330), Asgeir Redbeard (02971), Mason Thornwarden the Ranger (03500).

*The shield on this figure has been filed smooth.  It originally comes with a large Templar cross molded onto it.]