Under Construction – One Page Dungeon

Hey everybody, big fan of the One Page Dungeon contest here.  One of my prouder gaming moments came a few years back when Bryce, of tenfootpole.org reviewed my last entry.  He’s a cranky old bastard, and his personality shines in his many take-downs of the failures of most published work, let alone that of the work of hack amateurs like yours truly.  And yet he had this to say about mine:

“I WANT MORE OF GOOD SHIT LIKE THIS!… A decent goblin adventure, which is not an easy thing to do.”

Why Bryce, ah do declare!  Like to give me a case of the vapors!

The deadline for this year is April 30th, so it’s time to get cracking.  This year my own personal challenge is to whip up a quick and dirty one page sandbox campaign.  How’s that for ambitious?  So far I’ve got the preliminary map complete.

Still need to stock it, add some rumors, maybe a couple of small landmarks if there’s room after all that.  Still and all, so far so good.