Megadungeon Bonus Post: More Secrets

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the dungeon…

When I run this dungeon, the entrance looks like this*.
  There is a narrow path up to the left side of the mouth
shaped cavern that leads down to the dungeon proper.

Even after carving up that amazing map by Dyson Logos into a baker’s dozen different levels, there were a few small nooks and crannies that didn’t quite fit into the rest of the dungeon.  These little rooms are perfect for small vignettes.  As a final entry in the mini-megadungeon, here are four more little secret areas to explore.  I’m particularly fond of the massive treasure horde hidden right near the entrance to the dungeon.  Play your cards right and your players should walk past it a dozen or so times before they find it.  Those reveals are some of the most priceless moments in the game.

This essentially closes out the mini-Megadungeon series.  It may be revisited from time to time.  If my players return, I’ll let you know how it evolves in my own campaign.

*Shamelessly cribbed from Google Image Search – I think it is from an episode of the Smurfs of all things.