Medieval Update

Completing a full set of terrain and matched armies for use with OHW is the big goal for 2015.  So far the terrain is about half done, and the armies are half done.  This weekend, the second army got bumped up a few slots on the all-too-long to-do list.  Check it:

What you’re looking at here is 6 full stands of foot troops, dismounted knights in the upper  left, bowmen in the upper right, and spearmen levy along the bottom.

These strips are all from Heroics & Ros’ dark age and medieval line.

For this army the boy has selected red and gold – he wants to see a force dispatched by House Lannister.  Not a big fan of old George Har Har Martin, but I am a big fan of my son, and the colors are distinct from his green and purple Necromancer King army, so…time to get ready to pay all my debts.