In the Pits

One of the nice aspects of the half-a-level pieces shown in the last post is that it gives you a chance to incorporate even more three-dimensional challenges.  Flat painted with deep pits shown in perspective are nice – need to do some of those some day – but nothing beats the visual appeal of a sunken and flooded room like this.

Bonus points to anyone who recognizes the inspiration for this room.

The water level of this room is the bottom layer of the foam core paper.  Spray, painting the entire terrain piece resulted in significant warping of this paper.  This was not unexpected – part of the reason for the island in the middle is to maintain some integrity in the room, and I was careful to weight down the piece with a heavy textbook while it dried to ensure that the outer edge of the room would lay flat during use.  The remaining warping in the water level looks a bit like waves and is obscured by the paint job.  A terrain piece with a hard floor – either wooden or stone – would need to be heavily reinforced prior to painting.