The Deep Breath Before The Plunge

Soon my first honest-to-goodness for sale on its own merits title goes up for sale on  Hot Sun, Cold Fury is the first in a series of men’s adventure stories featuring Karl Barber, a regular man of action who dives into trouble to save those who most need saving.  Nicknamed for the knife he carries, it’s a two fisted tale of bad guys, pretty girls, and one man who won’t be stopped.  You should try it, it’s only a buck.

This isn’t my first paid writing gig (my day job consists largely of writing technical reports,) nor is it my first sale of fiction work (Steve Jackson games published a couple of my articles in Pyramid Online a decade ago).  It is, however, the first time one of my baby birds has been pushed out of the nest into the cold, hard world to fly or not based on its own merits.

A ten year younger version of me would have waited and revised this story a dozen more times and then sat on it, fearful of all the negative reactions that might occur.  The fool.  Game savvy me knows that the reaction is irrelevant.  The important thing is to execute this story violently rather than wait for the perfect story next week. 

Call it the professional version of approach anxiety.  The only way past it is through it.
And that’s the curious thing about learning Game and taking the Red Pill.  For all the press it gets about being a manipulative way to bang hot chicks, it is so much more than that.  It really is a complete attitude shift.  Learning to stop fearing negative reactions from women is only one benefit that arises from shifting your approach to life, the universe, and everything.  It teaches a fearlessness and independence that surely makes the powerful men – the ones who need good little obedient children for taxpayers – so nervous.  For this writer, those days are over.

So what do you say, internet?  Howzabout you and I get together sometime?