Welcome to the New Digs

Seagull Rising had a good run, but it’s also high time for a little more focused branding on the blog.  The regular posts will continue, the PulpRev conversation goes on, and odd occasional commentary on the zeitgeist (like this post) will appear, but with a custom URL and a better site builder, you can have a more readable experience.

It’s time to build a better site and get off blogger while the getting is good. With recent changes in the way major corporations do business, this feels like a retreat, but I will sleep better knowing that I’ve burned my crops behind me.  Every click this new site gets is one less data point going into Google’s servers.  Every email that I get to my new account is one less data point going into Google’s servers.

And it isn’t just this blog.  By abandoning my gmail account, they will now have to find other ways to learn about my electric usage, my water usage, and what sorts of products I buy.  This is a long project, porting dozens of accounts over from @gmail to @protonmail.  It will take weeks, but it’s worth it to deny my little patch of digital ground to the enemy.

If you have any thoughts, advice, or suggestions for improvement, let me know.  We’re all about reader satisfaction here at Chateau Mollison.