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Alternatively, “A Reminder: Catholic’s Who Support Socialism are Heretics”

If you’ve never heard of Taylor Marshall – founder of the New Saint Thomas Institute, Thomist, former Episcopalian Priest, and father of eight(!) – represents an antidote to the cancer of Father James Martin.  While far more moderate than we happy, internet Deus Vulters, his blog and podcasts are my go-to for Church scholarship bereft of the mealy-mouthed pandering to the Gospel of Niceness.  Lately, he has been a stalwart thorn in the side of the USCCB as they capitulate to the architects of the modern day tower of Babel, seemingly in pursuit of accolades from the Fake Media.

Recently, Taylor posted a reminder of Pope Leo the XIII’s, Rerum Novarum, which explicitly condemned socialism for its love of envy, and the way in which it seeks to absolve mankind of his responsibility to his fellow man by transferring the responsibility from the individual to the state.  His response to the usual bleating objections makes me laugh like JJ Jameson:

  • [F]olks came out of the word work saying things like “Aha! But the Church doesn’t condemn Christian Socialism, but only condemns Marxist or atheistic Socialism.”

This isn’t true. Simply read Pope Leo XIII’s encyclical Rerum Novarum and you’ll discover that he condemns Socialism as an economic error contrary to natural law and social justice. But if that does not convince you, here are some quotes from subsequent Popes further laying the smack down on Socialism and even on so-called “Christian Socialism”…

Read on for quotes from Popes Pius XI, John XXIII, Paul VI, and of course the rock star John Paul “The Deuce”, whose resistance to the Soviets played a pivotal role in lifting hundreds of millions out of the hellish nightmare scape of socialism writ large.

But Taylor isn’t just a level-headed guy when it comes to the intersection of religion and economics, he’s a sturdy defender of the faith in all its forms, and a solid speaker.  Unlike most religious scholars, who tend to strive of the NPR style of earnest softness in their delivery, he speaks with a strength and fortitude that is refreshing.  He also hosts the Maccabee Society a website geared toward religious men that celebrates masculinity in a way that modern society rejects – they present articles that embrace such things as a man’s role as provider and protector, while rejecting the hedonism, gluttony, sexualism, and narcissism that characterize so much of what the Madison Avenue types peddle to men.  Consider these recent articles:

Even if it doesn’t enter your daily reading list, if you’re a man looking for solid, dependable reading from a masculine Catholic perspective – a rarity in this day and age – you owe it to yourself to give them a shot.


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