Interview This Friday

Tomorrow yours truly will appear on the Speculative Fiction Cantina.  As they explain on their website, they celebrate, “creative expression and caters to a diverse range of tastes. Whatever your interests, you’ll find them showcased here along with a line-up of engaging hosts and renowned experts in various fields.”

Electing to interview one of the loose cannons from the Pulp Revolution is a bold choice for this outfit.  No doubt they have experienced love of fiction written before the dawn of the SJWs, but have they ever talked to a fan who loved the pulps with no trace of irony?  Have they interviewed one who feels no need to write pulps, “but with a modern take”?

Find out tomorrow when they take the Pulp Speedster* for a test drive!

*That’s me – according to somebody on a blog post somewhere, I’m the PulpRev’s resident speed writer.  I guess writing six books and a half dozen short stories in a year will earn a guy that reputation.