Space Princess

Space Princess: Available for pre-order now!

Those Sunday night projects always take longer than you think.  A simple clogged drain turns into the adventure of a lifetime when a regular dad from the suburbs stumbles across three cold and hungry homeless children late one Sunday night.  The youngest, a baby they nickname Angel, turns out to be the last surviving heir to the throne that stands between galactic Christendom and the genocidal inter-stellar cult known as the Slaves of the Mad God.

But delivering the princess to safety proves to be only half of the project.  The star systems protected for centuries by Angel’s fallen father have grown complacent and no longer fear the Slaves of the Mad God.  So it’s up to a regular Joe from Holy Terra to find a way to unite the fractious systems of Christendom in time to resist the genocidal cult’s impending attack.  And he has to do it all while keeping his family, and the space princess herself, safe from the agents and assassins of the Slaves of the Mad God!

This space opera tale features fast action, a dry wit, and the virtuous heroism you’ve come to expect from my writing.  The book  drops on October 8, so order today and get your copy just in time for a light Sunday read!