Space Princess: The Early Review

That all-important first review came in over the transom, and it is a beauty, not the least of which because it came in from somebody who has never read any of my other works:

I knew I wasn’t the only Catholic lunatic writing speculative fiction that rests on a Christian foundation. But I’d come away dissatisfied with the offerings of other writers of that sort. I hardly expected to be blown away by a writer I’d never heard of. But this novel, despite the plethora of low-level mistakes (missing word errors, wrong word errors, spelling, and punctuation) that seem to plague every indie writer, is so imaginative, so filled with color, and so all-around stirring that it gets my highest accolade: I wish I’d written it, but I know I couldn’t have.

“Catholic lunatic”?  Can definitely confirm.  Heck, I have been Confirmed!