Happy Boxing Day!

By now the boy has finally unwrapped his Christmas presents, so I can show you what he got without spoiling any surprises.  It’s Warhammering Time!  He traded away some terrain a few years back and has been playing with ugly tan vehicles for some time.  He left them here when he went of for some colleging, which gave me the chance to sit down and spiffy them up a bit.  With these new paint jobs, he’s going to be the belle of the Only War Ball.  Make sure you scroll to the bottom, that last paint job is complete aces.  Enough to bring a tear to the Emperor’s own eye.

That’s not great, let’s zoom in a bit…

If you don’t want to click for biggening, the left blade reads, “For Love of Suffer Not”, and the right “Sic Semper Hereticus”.

Turns out graffiti is half the fun of painting these things.  The Imperial Guard has the best fiction, really, just the best.


I actually painted up two troop carriers and two heavy tanks.


We Brake 4 Sororitas

Oh hell yeah, that turned out better than I anticipated.  Note that the Bloody Rose is one of the Sororitas chapters, specifically the one dedicated to maximum carnage.  I had more fun painting this little gal than should be legal.