Make Gondolin Great Again

The One box to Rule Them All continues apace.  Ten bucks netted me all these figures – four complete elven warbands.  The bright blue and yellow will help them stand out against other figures and the ground cover.  Note the dark green bases, which should help as well. 


 One stumbling block here is that the figures are not identical.  The manufacturers, in this case Irregular Miniatures, do a great job varying the figures.  If mounted in a big block as intended, these would look great.  Heck, the look fantastic like this, too.  But they aren’t in two sets of four.  The spears are matched sets, as are the bowmen, but the cavalry are nice and varied – no real problem, because as figures they really only serve one function.  For this game set “cavalry” is all we need.  Whether they have shields or not doesn’t make much difference.

 Here’s a group shot of the one warband that shows the two mounted figures, two spearmen, two bowmen, two swordsmen, and a hero.  The heroes or leaders of each warband look a lot like the swordsmen – they have big yellow plumes on their helmets.

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