Scale Mail

One of the things every wargamer wants to know prior to purchasing figures is, “How will these figures match with the ones I’ve already got.”  Some think that this question becomes more critical at the smaller scales, because a millimeter out of six or ten is a much bigger difference than one out of 28 or 30.  Personally, the smaller scales are less detailed, and so if there’s a slight difference in scale, I think it matters less.

In the interests of furthering the culture of the hobby, and now that I’m back into 10mm skirmish, here’s a few shots of my figures from various manufacturers that shows how well they all stand with each other.

Sorry for the focus on that last one.  You can see the heights well enough.  That’s a Copplestone, Pendraken (I think – I might have those two reversed) and Irregular elf in each shot.  Bear in mind we’re comparing wood elves to high elves, so in my mind a little height difference is understandable.