Papered Over Tiger

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan.  An American show featuring Americans doing American stuff.  It’s been a while since that position took the default.  With the supposed rise of the world economy and quarter billion dollar budgets, Big Entertainment has turned its slavering eyes on the people of the world as their market, and those American chumps can continue to foot the bill, in the form of subsidies and tax breaks, for their pro-rootless cosmopolitan messages and storytelling.  We’ve got a globe to unite and save from the self-interest of the hard working and forward thinking nations.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at a fun little article about Chinese Theaters:

The brightly-decorated 3D cinema in Zhuolu outside Beijing is showing the latest Chinese and Hollywood films to row after row of empty red seats. So few people come to watch films here that the cinema manager rents out the halls to travelling sales companies or music teachers.

China has overtaken the US in terms of the number of its cinema screens, becoming the world’s biggest movie market by that measure. But away from the bigger cities you wouldn’t know it.

Those who have yet to succumb to the War on Noticing might wonder if the financial numbers coming out of China with respect to movie ticket sales are as unreliable as the financial reports for the rest of the nation’s economy.  Which leads to the natural question of why Hollywood continues to produce empty spectacle schlock devoid of an honest representation of American culture as worthy of export?  We are told Hollywood has to appeal to the global citizen if it wants to recoup those quarter billion dollar budgets, but as the panopticon of easy access to technology continues to spread, we all see that the financial data shouted from the headlines for Hollywood is as bogus as the data produced for China itself.  It’s all one big Fake News scam, and you and I are the suckers who keep falling for it.

Well, those of us who refuse to give money to people who hate us don’t fall for it.

Join us.  Do America a favor and cut the cord.  Marvel, Disney, Sony, Netflix – they all want you to subsidize your own destruction.  Don’t fall for the sweet siren song of cheap spectacle.  Stick with creators who love ya, baby.  Like the handsome one that wrote this little novel about the first few days of the recovery of America from savages.  Read it and see if you can figure out where it takes place: 

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