Zero Jumper: A Meta-Review

Yesterday I told you about Alterna Comic’s Zero Jumper.  In the interests of showing Peter Simeti, the big hearted entrepreneur behind Alterna, an open and honest appraisal of the comic, I waited until today to discuss the broader cultural issues that surround this particular company.  Mr. Simeti is a “comics first, fans first, fun first” kind of guy who gets quite enough of the political drama from the left.  We’ll let him enjoy yesterday and not drag him into our own sojourn into the meta-issues in a separate, and thus more easily ignored, post.

The larger question it raised in my mind was, “This is the guy the SJW Comic Gestapo went after? Really?”

Zero Jumper wasn’t written for me.  It’s a very female-centered story, and I’m a pretty manly dude, you know?  Hence my confusion about why Alterna drew the ire of the SJW’s All Seeing Brown Eye of Doom.

Just gorgeous with a bit of a hard edge that

In short, this is exactly the kind of comics the SJWs that have taken over mainstream comics think they are producing – excellent and good looking stories written from a female-centric point of view that everyone can enjoy.  It’s what the mainstream comic companies should be striving to produce.  Badass chiquitas whut don’t need no man, and tween girls capable of (plausibly, thanks to that supersuit) beating up galaxy conquering aliens.

But then, Alterna refused to bend the knee and disavow mer nerzis, so it gets thrown up against the wall alongside admitted crimethinkers such as yours truly.  Which demonstrates that the real goal of the SJWs has nothing to do with high-minded ideals – misguided though they be – nor even a pursuit of inclusion or fighting toxic masculinity the Narrative.  Those are all just social weapons used to achieve their real goal.


It’s all about control.  They wanted to control Alterna, to show Peter Simeti who was really boss around these comic parts.  He could offer up the Danegeld of joining their alliance as a junior member in their crusade against the Old Guard, or he could be ostracized and his name stricken from the rolls of goodthinkers and forever banished to the dark realms.  The fact most of the stories in Alterna’s back library actually align with the stated goals of the SJWs means nothing.  It’s not about the stories.  It’s about control.

What they didn’t count on was that we are onto them.  They have banished so many crimethinkers that the dark realms are alight with the fires of banished creatives crafting works of art the likes of which they can only dream of.  The crimethinkers, and even moderates who wouldn’t dare throw their lot in with a dirty MAGAbro like yours truly, rallied to his defense and gave him the best month of sales he’s ever seen.

And even if Zero Jumper wasn’t my cup of tea, I can recognize the value and entertainment it might bring to a different sort of comic reader.  Better yet, I can enjoy the story for what it is, content with the knowledge that its creator doesn’t really care what I believe.  He isn’t trying to convert me to anything, and he isn’t trying to remake something I love into something it was never meant to be.  He’s a good guy telling good stories, and as one of the few doing so today, he has earned my support and good will.

And besides, my daughter enjoyed Zero Jumper where she immediately turned up her nose at more mainstream fare like Squirrel Girl.  If this was all about “owning the libs” my purchase would have been a one-shot deal, but Simeti brings the heat, so I’ll keep coming back for more.

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