Heroes Unleashed

That Thomas Plutarch, what a prodigiously productive writer!

The latest in the shared-universe series, Heroes Unleashed dropped into the market this week, and it’s a little bit different from the previous fare.  Morgon Newquist’s Heroes Fall and Kai Wai Cheah’s Hollow City took a more traditional and fast paced approach to the genre.  Now JD Cowan brings the feel of full blown pulp adventure to the world of Serenity City and the Triumvirate.  Not content to globe trot, his story globe hops from street-level heroics to planetary adventure in fine style:

The night shift at a science lab sounds like the break Matthew White has been waiting for. A steady paycheck. A simple job. Absolutely no contact with another human being.

It’s perfect.

But Matthew gets more than he bargained for when he accepts a different position with the company. A job that is highly paid – and highly bizarre. He is plunged into the terrible machinations of his new boss, Mrs. Stohl, and a sullen teenaged boy named Jason is along for the ride. The fact that Jason is practically his twin only makes it all creepier.

Dragged through a mirror into an alien dimension, Matthew is in way over his head. He should have known the job was too good to be true. To escape, Matthew and Jason must brave the wilds of this new universe and learn to control their new powers.

And hardest of all, Matthew must learn to be a hero.

Will they escape Mrs. Stohl’s terrible plans for them? Can they make it home to their world, or will they be trapped in the mirror dimension forever?

Join Matthew and Jason on their pulp superhero adventure. Read Gemini Warrior today!

And stay tuned for more word on my own contribution to the universe, which takes the street level super-spy genre and throws in more Easter eggs than the White House lawn in April.  If you don’t want to miss the references, keep up with the universe as it rolls hot off the Silver Empire presses.