Send Up The Virtue Signal Signal

Yeah, I’m in.

The game so nice, it’s already been banned by OrcaCon despite not being funded, printed, or on the market.  Thus proving the point of the game in the first place.

What can I say?  We’re a homeschool family.  A nice educational experience of a game like this doesn’t come along every day.

As I type this, the campaign is just over $30K at the post.  The world is hangry for this kind of satirical take at the scolds and schoolmarms who patrol our thought places for badthink.  My guess is that the “Alt Right” expansion set will be received by its targets with the opposite reaction as the core game.  We badthinkers are used to being mocked by clumsy and hamfisted SNL-caliber writers.  It will be a refreshing change to have somebody competent at humor take a few swings at us.  Also, unlike the self-proclaimed folx who recoil from “Virtue Signal”‘s subject matter like vampires before a crucifix, we’re so inured to the absurdity of clown world that we still know how to take a joke, even at our own expense.

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