StoryHack! Six, The Last Last Night

Live now.

The last installment of Last Night at O’Reilly’s hits the big time with this sixth issue of the best action-packed magazine going.  This time we follow in the footsteps of the man himself, O’Reilly, as he juggles events and struggles to keep stubborn employees, Federal agents, and the mob capo himself in dark long enough to make his own escape from the club that never quite lived up to his dreams.

Even if you’ve never read another installment of this not-quite-serial, you’ll still enjoy the ride.  The Bosses Tale is a complete story in its own right, and shed a little more light on the events behind the events of the other tales.  If you enjoy this one, you can go back and learn what O’Reilly didn’t realize about his attempts to play the room resulted in him being played himself.