T-Bird and Throttle Conclusion

If you’ve missed out on the furious fun of Josh Howard’s  T-Bird and Throttle comics, now is your chance to get in on things with the complete collection.

Josh is running the fourth crowd fund for the fourth and final installment of this volume, and the first three issues have captured the old-school fun of comic books that you can’t find on the shelves at the shop any more.  More silver age than golden age, Josh nonetheless manages to make his flawed heroes…heroic, as they rise to their daily and supernatural challenges alike.

A multi-generational tale with just the right combination of relationship drama and good old fashioned fighting action, it’s got enough to keep even a comic book dilettante such as myself coming back for more.  I would have said that the price tag is a little high, but each volume of this series has provided considerably more entertainment value than your standard 22-page floppy.

Back it at Indiegogo here.