The Pulp Mindset

When it comes to mid-length cultural analysis, JD Cowan is one of the best in the blogging business.  His ‘Wasteland and Sky’ has been on my blogroll for years.  He is as adept at noticing trends as he is at digging up hard evidence for the what’s the how’s and the why’s.  And now he has deigned to share a bit of his noticing prowess with the world in the form of “Pulp Mindset”, a collection of essays:

focused around the shift in the writing world from the crumbling empire of OldPub into the current wild west that is NewPub. Along the way I also cover a number of other things from the importance of the pulps in modern art and entertainment, why wonder and action matter more than messaging, and even include some tips for newer writers (or for badly educated ones) on how to get started as a writer of pulp. It’s a surefire way to gain a winner’s mindset in an industry that likes to lose.

This thing goes live today, and you can get yourself a copy from