Caesar and the Eucharist

Let’s talk about the parts no one else talks about, shall we?

The people who deny the Real Presence – that is, the Catholic knowledge that when Christ held bread before the twelve and said, “this is my body,” he was not speaking metaphorically or symbolically – don’t really care about the theology of the issue.

What they care about is power.

Being cunning and devious rather than wise and intelligent, they think in terms of optics and salesmanship.  They aren’t WRONG in their analysis, but their motives are evident from their refusal to discuss the matter in open and honest terms.  The devious paths of their discussion condemn them, and as usual the good-faith enemies of Moloch are dutifully following the script handed to them by said enemies.  So let’s break that and focus in on the real problem the Lying Press has with a humble priest placing his hand over the chalice when confronted by Caesar at the altar.

In the hearts of the wicked, Caesar is the great judge of all mankind.  Now that the coup against Orange Caesar has been ratified by the peace of the mob, Puppet Caesar must be held up as a shining symbol, the pinnacle of the power of Progressive and Modern Secularism.  He stands above the Law, indeed with the stroke of a pen he makes the law and should any dare oppose his will, Puppet Caesar threatens to appoint six more black-robed wizards to the Supreme Court to cement his rule.  His word speaks death and his gaze levels mountains.

It’s an illusion.

All that power crumbles in the face of the real power of God Almighty.  A power so infinite it needs not the empty trappings and often shows itself in the smallest guises.

Consider what would happen should some humble septuagenarian priest place his hand over the chalice in which resides the Living Body and wave Discount Ozymandias back into the pews.

What would that mean for the world to see that, despite all the bluster and bombs and arm waving, there is a higher power, a power capable of judging and correcting the Leader of the Free World?  What would it mean should that higher power present itself in the frail body of an old man, a stern-eyed elder willing to risk the fate of the martyrs in defense of his Lord?  How many hearts would be turned by bravery of that magnitude?

They dare not risk it.

They know.

Deep down, they know where the real power resides, and it’s not in the armies and openly operative secret police and lugenpress sycophants.

It’s not about the Eucharist.

It’s about sending a message.

Pray that the Bishops and the Cardinals and the Pontiff defend their faith.  Whether you are Catholic or otherwise, pray for them to stand strong.  Their defiance shelters your faith as well as their own.