On the Morality of the Vaxxoons

Forgive the leet speek.

Things just keep getting crazier, and we intellectual dissidents need to practice dodging the authorities now while we still can.

Caesar has enlisted the Church to help convince Refusniks to surrender to the will of Saint Fauci and submit to the injections of genetic scrambler compounds.  I’m not going to post any links to the articles being published by members of the Jesuit Church.  They’ve taken to citing, and selectively quoting, a relatively recent document from the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith to provide covering fire for Caesar’s attempts to mandate injections.

Here is a link so you can read it for yourself.

That letter details the current church doctrine on “vaccines”.  It’s all very well reasonable, comprehensive, and draws a bright line between the realms of “should” and “ought”.  Not so the forked tongued reprobates trying to use this document to foist injections onto an unwilling population.

Let’s tease out a couple of verbal sleights of hand that are going on here.

For starters, they engage in the usual motte-and-bailey nonsense.  They take a reasonable position, then equate their unreasonable position with that.  Perhaps vaxxines are good.  That doesn’t mean this vaxxine is good.  Maybe it isn’t even a vaxxine.  Maybe it hasn’t been tested.  Maybe you have good reason to doubt the people who tested it.  Maybe you have good reason to doubt its quality control.

Never let your opponent set the frame of the discussion applies here.  Don’t take for granted that their First Principles are genuine – they never are – and don’t nibble at the edges of the tree.  Strike the root.  They will seek to bar you from the discussion on the grounds that you are crazy for even asking these questions, or attack you personally, but they will never directly address the weakest links in their position.  Which leaves you free to stake a claim to the ground they cannot defend – the moral center.

But the absolute kill shot lies within Point Five of the letter provided by the CDF – a point tame Catholics who have surrendered to the Needle Cult never discuss:

It’s right there in black and white.

If you are Catholic, you have a duty to oppose mandated injections.

Never let them forget it.