Sci-Fi Parade

In addition to some fine 2mm terrain, the good guys over at PicoArmor offer a small but well-crafted line of 15mm sci-fi figures.  They have plenty of modern 15mm figures as well, and we might take advantage of those in the future.  For the present we’ve got some future figures to showcase.

We start with a small band of gang members who have that whole Necromunda Orlock vibe going for them.  Honestly, that’s the reason I added this pack to the order – nostalgia for the OG game and for my old attempt at building up a PocketMunda campaign.

From there we move onto the New Vatican Leauge.  This next line-up is the Character Pack, which includes a great little general, a one-eyed action colonel, and a kneeling tech.  The green fatigues should be period neutral enough that these can be used in everything from modern games to far flung futures.

And for the grand finale, my favorite of the bunch.  Three cardinals ready to stamp out heresy of the Warhammer Third K variety.  I gave that Swiss Guardsman a power-pike just for grins, and honestly?  A couple packs like this would put a man in good stead for a down to earth Necromunda comes to earth game set in the year 2050.