Swashbucklers and Gretamorphs

Some clever wag over on the channel suggested a better name for my space demons, 10mm Pendraken figures, than greenomorphs. As green-loving and shrieking monsters, gretamorphs they have become.

The dice decided on a simple meeting engagement, and here for the first time you can see the simple pleasures of a field full of hay.  They are dead simple to paint and add a nice bucolic touch to the proceedings.

Resin terrain in this case, both walls and haystacks, from Blue Moon manufacturing, with a barn made my a unit long out of business.  I got that barn via QRS, but they no longer carry the item.  Shame, as the six slabs went together easy and it painted up great.

The rules in question are Fistful of Lead, which gives a lovely bit of swingy-ness to the proceedings.  The blue chip is a reload marker, and the different dice are used for different combatants.  It’s a simple opposed roll in the case of melee, with a wound roll and an armor save for the aliens to round things out.

Here our heroin rises to the challenge of fighting off the queen gretamorph and basic gretaform, despite suffering from two wounds and a bit of sock of her own.

Yeah, we’re light on details today. This is just one lovely game for the archives.