Ratman Roster

We are going to have so much fun with these little Splintered Light vermin.  The whole pack of them took just under a month to paint up – the glories of 15mm!

The yellow primer worked well in the end. The skin tone of these figures has a dim yellowish cast that gives them a jaundiced look – this is not a technique for general use – a look perfectly in keeping with the spirit of these little guys.  With the yellow base, the browns and the purple cloaks both came out rich and smooth.

We’ve got flail rats.  A few of the flails lack heads.  It’s not clear if they broke off in transit or simply never made it out of the cast.  We’ll hide those guys in the back.

We’ve got rat swarms that should serve well as scouts and screening forces.

This army includes some lovely wererats in various forms of mid-transition.  They should serve well as scouts, or as wererats for more skirmish-style games.

Are the guys in purple robes light infantry?  Assassins? Scouts?  I guess it all depends on the game, the rules, and how many points we want to spend on the unit.

And now it’s time for the heavy lads.  These come in slightly bigger numbers.  Fifteen to a pack for mixed weapons and armored rats…

And eighteen to a pack for the spear-rats, or are those pole-axes?  Again, it depends on the game.

That gives us over 80 rats to work with when all is said an done.  It took a month to paint them all up, and here they are in a group shot for the calendar.  Splintered Light does make some long-rifle style jezzails, but this force isn’t meant to be a G-Dubs knock-off in a smaller scale.  These guys are pure fury in a pint-sized package.  We will use them as a rolling wave of berzerker style infantry and see who can stand up to them.