Broman Reinforcements

The boys in yellow and white are back, and this time they’ve got a few upgrades.  These bannermen come to us by way of Ral Partha Europe, and the wonderful Demonworld line of miniatures.  Their imperial forces can be a bit fantasy cartoonish, but if you know where to look, you can find some really nice proxies for more historical figures. These banners certainly look the part with their barrel helms.

My collection already included six elite foot knights.  To bring their numbers up to an even dozen, and in the hopes of keeping the figures as individuals, I just added one pack of three more Khurasan Miniatures figures, and three more RPE figs that looked the part.  The guy with the horns (third from the right below) might actually be a chaos knight, but his vibe is so chill that he slots right into this unit without any trouble.

These lightly armored javelineers also come by way of Khurasan.  The force needed a few light scout style figures, or perhaps skirmishers, and these certainly look the part with their bucklers and lack of swords.

Finally, we round out the new batch of figures with another dozen spearmen.  That brings my collection up to 36, which can count as three units of Light Foot in Dragon Rampant.  When playing Age of Fantasy: Skirmish we can field two blocks of 20 troops if we give each unit a sergeant/champion and bannerman to bring their numbers up to 20 each.  That gives them a lot of extra punch, and should allow me to break that 1,500 point army list barrier for some bigger battles.  Or maybe a nice, complicated map-based campaign.