You can find copies of Warhammer Fantasy 6th Edition online for ten bucks and that includes shipping. That’s less than the cost of a lunch, and in these troubled times a 288 page book for that price is a steal. I almost feel guilty for snapping it up.

It is my understanding, and one I’m hoping to confirm, that this represents the best Warhammer Fantasy has to offer.  With an emphasis on block troops, and a loose approach to the game that allows for tournament play without hampering the typical wargamers’ innate need to tinker, it uses the best of the G-Dubs systems to create a smooth and enjoyable rank-and-flank experience.

It also includes a nice little skirmish variant and nine or ten scenarios.  Given how closely Age of Fantasy: Regiments hews to the G-Dubs model, adding these to my quiver should be worth the price of admission alone.  A guy can only play “capture the 1d3+2 objectives” so many times before his mind starts to wander, after all.

Stay tuned for more thoughts on the game once I get a chance to read it for myself.

And then I made the mistake of rooting through the mulch pile of the YouthTube to see what the game looks like in play.

Why are they like this?

If I wanted to watch an over-produced dramatic presentation, I’d turn on the idiot box.  I want to vicariously hang out with some wargamers as they share a game they enjoy.  That’s it.  Simple tastes.  Most of the Warhammer Six channels are run by guys doing a bad “dramatic growling Brit” narration or two goofs mincing about like low-rent game show hosts.  It’s painful to watch.

Somebody needs to tell these nerds to settle down.