The Corvusburg Chronicles, Part the First

I’ll have to add a new category for this one.

Over on the channel we’re having a grand old time running through a solo campaign of AD&D.  One clever viewer has asked for an upload what we’ve learned so far, the better to follow along at home.

With that in mind, here is Corvusburg and the surrounding neighborhood.  Relatively, safe, it is something of a haven for ne’er-do-wells and outcasts from the unnamed kingdom immediately to the east.  Roughly 200 villagers live here, farming, hunting, and fishing in the long lake.  The surrounding wilderness and its denizens generally leave them alone, as the villagers routinely send poor saps out into the wilds of their own accord.

And here is a map of the the surrounding wilderness:

The local huge ruined pile lies just two or three days hike, in the mountains east of town.  Known as the Bofahearts, we don’t really know much about them yet.  That hex is mapped out in sketchy details until some fool-hardy wanderers leave the safety of the road to map out each four mile hex in detail.

The Wolflands, as this region is known, has claimed three more victims.  Worgs ambushed a hapless thief and magic-user and their little dog, too, as they camped alongside the road.  Having already lost a mule to the ravages of the great wolfish beasts, and with nowhere to run, they made a stand…to no avail!