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Learning From Everything

By now you’ve all heard about Diversity and Comics.  He watches the train wrecks so you don’t have to, but he does it in a way that really helps readers understand WHY current Marvel sucks worse than [insert Razoerfist analogy … Continue reading

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The Mollison Method

Dorrinal interviewed the Mark Kern on yesterday’s edition of Game Night, part of the Geek Gab Multimedia Entertainment Conglomerate.  The chat for all of their shows is worth the price of admission alone; the regular crew features faces familiar to … Continue reading

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It’s Research, Not Gravedancing

My morning commute has slowly evolved into the Diversity and Comics Roadshow.  For those not in the know, the nameless creator of this YouTube series talks comics.  Usually, he reviews a single issue of a comic book, but he also … Continue reading

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Two Paths Converged

Two paths will lead you to the heights of literary success, and neither of them are free of rocks, wrong turns, and pitfalls.     One path is paved with hard work and dedication.  Years of long hours, careful study, … Continue reading

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High Quality Writing Advice

Most writing advice strikes me as the coloring on a tropical frog – it’s bright and obvious and tells you to stay away from the poison.  You would think that those who write for a living would be better at writing … Continue reading

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A Newcomer’s View of the PulpRev

Dominika Lein, author of, I, The One, posted an in-depth look at her experience with the #PulpRev.  It’s gratifying to read about her experiences, as this is exactly the spirit that I’ve been pushing within the community.  I’ve lifted a … Continue reading

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Don’t Take My Advice

Russell Newquist, author of the much enjoyed Make Death Proud to Take Us, offers up some solid writerly advice when he recommends: The secret (It’s not really a secret – you can find this all over the internet) to making … Continue reading

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Donut Shaped Planets

  It’s so very tempting to give a post like this the subheading along the lines of “Homer’s Haven”. There’s been some chatter in the science field lately about synestias – short term stages in the development of an earth-like planet … Continue reading

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Accidental Diversity

My current work in progress, tentatively titled Adventure Constant, features a hero of undefined race (character insert vagueness for the win!) fighting the Nordic villain and his middle-eastern henchmen through sea caves.  He is hard pressed and facing Certain Doom, when his … Continue reading

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THIS is Pulp

After slogging through a few less than stellar attempts at pulp and a pair of Hugo worthy novelettes, it feels fantastic to soak up some Schuyler Hernstrom.  It isn’t just palette cleansing, it’s soul cleansing.  It’s writing so rich that … Continue reading

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