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High Quality Writing Advice

Most writing advice strikes me as the coloring on a tropical frog – it’s bright and obvious and tells you to stay away from the poison.  You would think that those who write for a living would be better at writing … Continue reading

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A Newcomer’s View of the PulpRev

Dominika Lein, author of, I, The One, posted an in-depth look at her experience with the #PulpRev.  It’s gratifying to read about her experiences, as this is exactly the spirit that I’ve been pushing within the community.  I’ve lifted a … Continue reading

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Don’t Take My Advice

Russell Newquist, author of the much enjoyed Make Death Proud to Take Us, offers up some solid writerly advice when he recommends: The secret (It’s not really a secret – you can find this all over the internet) to making … Continue reading

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Donut Shaped Planets

  It’s so very tempting to give a post like this the subheading along the lines of “Homer’s Haven”. There’s been some chatter in the science field lately about synestias – short term stages in the development of an earth-like planet … Continue reading

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Accidental Diversity

My current work in progress, tentatively titled Adventure Constant, features a hero of undefined race (character insert vagueness for the win!) fighting the Nordic villain and his middle-eastern henchmen through sea caves.  He is hard pressed and facing Certain Doom, when his … Continue reading

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THIS is Pulp

After slogging through a few less than stellar attempts at pulp and a pair of Hugo worthy novelettes, it feels fantastic to soak up some Schuyler Hernstrom.  It isn’t just palette cleansing, it’s soul cleansing.  It’s writing so rich that … Continue reading

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Writers of Romance Required Reading

John C. Wright is a giant among current writers.  Even as the most nominated author in Hugo history, his talents are sorely under-appreciated.  His recent essay, Ugly and the Beast is a clinic on how not to write stories.  If you … Continue reading

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Geek Gab: The Enmollisoning

In case you missed it, the Geek Gab trio invited me to share a few thoughts on reading and writing this past weekend.  It’s not too late to drink from the well of my wisdom, or feast at the table … Continue reading

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Another Round

A Teaser for my next release Things are really starting to cook here at Chateau Seagull.  The first draft of my next novel is complete.  It’s going to simmer for a while before the second pass through, but it should … Continue reading

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What Hugo Discussions Reveal

Take it away Eleanor! Reading through coverage of this year’s Hugo nominated works, both in mainstream media and in the on-line circles thrilled by the results of E. Pluribus Unum, it’s striking how little conversation there is about…you know…the works … Continue reading

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