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Adventure Constant: A Tale of the Planetary Romantic (Jack Dashing Book 1) by [Mollison, Jon]

Adventure Constant: A Tale of  the Planetary Romantic

Jack Dashing, Book One

A Moon Full Of Stars by [Mollison, Jon]

A Moon Full of Stars

Post-Apocalyptic Adventure

Sudden Rescue by [Mollison, Jon]

Sudden Rescue

Blue Collar Hero Meets Space Princess

Five Dragons: The Complete Collection by [Mollison, Jon]

Five Dragons

Five Tales of Scaly Slaughter

StoryHack Action & Adventure, Issue 0 by [Boop, David, Barnson, Jay, DuBois, Steve, Frost, Julie, Mollison, Jon, West, David J, West, Keith, Winward, Shannon Connor]

StoryHack Magazine

Desert Hunt – A Story of Karl Barber

Space Princess

Regular Joe Meets Big Dang Space Opera