Now For Wrack, Now For Ruin

One thing that I cannot abide is two-dimensional markers in the midst of a three-dimensional game.  Even when it comes to something like debris tiles.  So here’s roughly 20 pieces of D1 hazard.  That’s not nearly enough for a proper 10 car battle royale, but I’d rather have quality over quantity.  If a few cars take big damage late in the game and can’t drop debris because of it…I can live with that.

These were built using a bit of wire, a roboty Mage Knight figure, and one plastic Happy Meal matchbox car.  I cut everything up, glued it on at random and painted it with even less planning.  A quick dash of matte finish spray to keep it looking just the right amount of wrong, and that’s it.  One hour’s work for some nice little hazards.

Next up:  For Everything, There is a Purpose…

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