Catch Up Time

It’s been a busy weekend what with the stuffing of the face and the last desperate gasp of football before the long dark off-season that doesn’t end until last August.  And yet, somehow, I still found time to start fixing last week’s horrible mishap with “The Dip”.  Nothing a little spray paint and drybrushing and re-lining can’t fix.  These probably look familiar, but this is now the second ‘base coat’ on the off-road sections.

Here’s a bonus warning showing spray paint on the
washer and dryer.  My wife would be really annoyed that I
didn’t cover my work area better; if she ever used this thing.

Interestingly, the pavement actually looks better with the black stain on it.  More like asphalt blacktop and less like concrete.  Guess this mistake can be played off as all part of the plan, after all.