Leaping Lizards!

This post is the big reveal post.  Here’s where we see exactly what the highway of death will look on the table, complete in all its miniature wargaming splendor.  Cars, terrain, the whole shebang.  This is the culmination of weeks of effort.  It’s gonna be so satisfying.  It’s gonna be great!  It’s gonna be…

In the wrong scale.
These car lanes are half as big as they should be.  Way back at the start of this project, I decided to stick with the Division 5 cars.  The problem is that Division 5 cars are rated subcompact, and the 1″ wide bases are too small to hold a m1:64 scale How Wheels or Matchbox car.  So I upsized the scale by fifty percent to make it work.  When I started the highways I used the old 1″ = 1 lane rule.  

Like an idiot I didn’t check the terrain against a reference figure.  I just plowed ahead with base measurements.  When your miniatures don’t meet the terrain until two months into the project, you know what you get?  A lot of useless terrain.

The trees and billboards can be salvaged, but the boards themselves?  All that time and effort and paint and static grass (which ain’t cheap)?  Wasted.
Maybe I can pawn them off on some sucker at a swap meet.  Anybody know any suckers?