Demi-Humans, Part the First

This is the last of the Copplestone Heroes pack TM10.  Each guy has so much character, they really were a joy to paint.  Here are two different dwarf styles – one rugged outdoor type and a more urban armored stunty.  The dwarf in blue is now the only heavily armored figure in my arsenal, a fact which begs remedy.  Those purplish dots on the elven bow were made with a toothpick.

My one complaint on the Copplestone pack is that there were no ladies among them.  Frankly, there’s a dearth of decent female figures in 10mm.  Pendraken has one plus a bunch of amazons that won’t see this family man’s table any time soon, and that’s about it.  Some of the elves can serve, but it’d be nice to see a few more blatantly feminine figures.  My daughter isn’t going to want to have to use a guy with a beard to represent her warrior knight-ess.

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