Bonus Post! A One Page Adventure


While trolling the seas of the internet for a fish of rules worthy enough to grace my table, I’ve been drifting in and out of the role-playing game blog-community.  Today I discovered a little thing called the One Page Dungeon contest.

“I can do this,” thinks I.  After dusting off the old records, (by which I mean dusting off a three year old hard drive with my last round of notes on it,) and stripping down the notes from an adventure never run, I have crafted a one page dungeon in which a goblin tribe vexes the countryside, and the only solution is to send in a band of plucky heroes to put a cork in the font of evil spewing forth the hateful little thugs.

Here’s a little preview of a one page dungeon titled, Will No One Rid Me of These Troublesome Goblins?

One delicious page of cliched goblin tropes assembled for your use.

Here is the official entry form for your perusal.
Will No One Rid Me of These Troublesome Goblins?

By the way – that mouthy looking passage between the Foyer and the Main Hall?  Yeah – that’s too narrow to squeeze through, but perfect for shooting arrows through.

And if any of you lot out there in internet-land ever run this thing, some feedback would be nice.  Like, a nice thank you, if you catch my drift.