Sprucing Up the Old Dungeon

The thing about dungeon furniture is that every piece you put down reduces the playing space by one space. So what you’re really after is the suggestion of furnishings; at the table your imagination takes over and fills in all the gaps. At least that’s my story for why I don’t make a lot more furniture. Although these pieces were so much fun…I probably will make a lot more.

A chest, a well, an altar, and two sarcophagi.  Wizard for scale.

Close up of the ‘face chest’ (left), the ‘lid don’t fit’ chest (right),
and the evil altar – see the glowing green runes on it?

Two stone sarcophagi and a well.  Those’ll make for some good
feng shui for the monsters.

That well was a bit of a trick to make.  The stones are two cardstock pieces cut out into a donut shape the same size as the washer.  Then I cut each one into six pieces, tossed one out, and glued the remaining five to the washer.  That way the stones are curved and almost fit together, but not quite.  So it looks like the sort of thing a fool of a Took might chuck a stone down.

Speaking of fool of a Took, happy April Fool’s Day.