No, literally, today I’ve got some loot to show you, complete with arcane spellbooks, bags of gems, and magic swords:
That oughta be enough to lure some dumb adventurer to his death.

And a Pendraken skeletal champion (FU26 – Hero).  You can tell this guy is a hero because he has a full, luscious head of hair.

Also, flaming red eyes.

I’ve got a whole lot of undead on the workbench right now.  The skeletons don’t really paint any faster than the rest of the figures, despite the fact that my white base coat means that I don’t have to paint the bulk of the figure.  You have to do a second drybrush of white after the brown wash to bring out the details.

His shoulder insignia matches that on the shields
of the rest of the skellies.  You’ll see them tomorrow.